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Fire Hose Testing

The 2013 Edition of NFPA 1962, Standard for the Care, Use, Inspection, Service Testing, and Replacement of Fire Hose, Couplings, Nozzles, and Fire Hose Appliances:

  • • Attack Fire hose shall be service tested to a minimum of 300 psi
  • • Supply Fire hose shall be service tested to a minimum of 200 psi
  • • Hose Manufactured prior to July 1987 shall be removed from service
  • • Service Testing of Nozzles
  • • System Test – Each pre-connected line or any attack line used for interior firefighting operations on a fire apparatus, together with the nozzle or hose connected appliance it supplies, shall be flow tested as a system at least annually
  • • All non-threaded hose connections shall be provided with locks to ensure against unintentional disconnection
  • • Fire hose users and the Authority Having Jurisdiction shall establish a replacement schedule for their fire hose, which takes into consideration the use, age and testing results.

Fire Hose testing Includes:

  • • Labeling and Recording of all Information for each length of hose
  • • Inspection of all fire hose, Nozzles, Couplings, Gaskets and Appliances in Accordance with NFPA Standards
  • • Rolling and Repacking of Fire Hose as it was Removed or Needed
  • • Computerized reports supplied with all testing results